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8" big size clear crystal singing pyramid for sound healing music therapy chakras balancing and Activation

The Pyramid shape traditionally has been said to have many healing powers. Crystal healing and the magnification of crystal is an important part of Crystal Pyramid power. Your physical body is made up mostly of water and crystal matches your very structure making it easy to deliver healing energy to you.

Crystal Pyramids are beautiful sacred sound instruments. They are built to match the exact geometric mastery of the Great Pyramids.

The amazing sound and frequency of the crystal pyramid literally changes your electromagnetic field to match your divine origin. This electrical shift changes matter which means it changes your physical body and material life. The sound, vibration, frequency and sacred geometry of the beautiful crystal pyramid provides tremendous mind, body, spirit healing.

Hand made with pure quartz crystal - based on the original invention from Dieter Schrade, Germany.

The dimensions of each Crystal Singing Pyramids are scaled to the same dimensions as the Cheops Pyramids in Egypt.

Crystal Pyramids combine the powerful healing qualities of quartz crystal, sacred geometry and the mystery of the pyramids.

Quartz Crystal "Singing" Pyramids when played send out waves that impact the body with harmonious and relaxing healing feelings.

made of 99.99% Pure Quartz sand.

The effect
Beside the quite described effect of the crystal sound instruments on the person, the sound pyramid can also be used because of her special pyramid energy to energise water and food and many things more

The Crystal Singing Pyramid works even if it is not used only by the pyramid energy which it delivers around and in the space where it is situated.

The sound of the pyramid must be experienced:
Not only the purity of tone, resulting from root and perfect harmony of the overtones, but also the vibration that emanates from the sound pyramid allows a perception that touches all the senses.
The potential of the pyramid shape, combined with the healing powers of rock crystal and the wide sound range of the instrument, allows the user a completely new experience with sound and therefore is suited very well for the sound therapy.
The frequency range of sound is dependent on the size of the crystal pyramid:
The smaller the models are, the more finely and higher, the bigger they are, the deeper and more voluminous is her frequency.
It does not surprise that the bigger instruments generate a deep, space-filling sound with an extensive spectrum of overtones, by her voluminous and prolonged vibration(7-8 min) that seems to build the bridge to the infinity.

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