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Crystal wand

This is a crystal wand, base is SELENITE


☘️Hand made by me, and charge with my energy and frequency.

🧚🏻‍♂️Fairy Frequency they bring in the joy and happiness

🐬Also the frequency of Arch Angel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Ariel.

🦋Plus now Charge with Egyptian Energy. Direct from Egyptian source. this makes them more powerful

❤️All with the pure intention of Love. ( Unconditional love of Jesus)

Wands can't just be given away with out intrusions, As cute and pretty as they look they also are very powerful tools.

each wand is different, no one is the same,

It's a form of gypsum crystal that I refer to as liquid light. Interestingly, gypsum occurs on every continent in the world, and is the most common of all the sulfate minerals. Selenite crystals are white in color, and have many healing and mystical properties. It is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene

Selenite Crystals are one of the must have crystals that everyone should have in their home. The selenite healing properties make it one of the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock any stuck or stagnant energy to ensure a smooth flow of positive energy through your body or also a space. They are one of the most powerful crystals for energy clearing and energy cleansing, making them an essential tool for removing negative energy.

These gorgeous smoky citrine generators are pure magic and are incredibly rare, often only found in Brazil. They are a blend of smoky quartz and citrine – two crystals I consider crucial pieces in any collection. These are ideal for money and abundance magic. Not only is citrine my go-to manifestation stone, opening up the Solar Plexus Chakra and awakening your personal power, but when combined with smoky quartz, you now have an incredible, energy transformation tool to surround yourself exclusively with high vibrations. This duo of gems combined in one beautiful generator offers you protection from harmful energies, amplifies creativity, and helps you feel confident about bringing your gifts into the world.

To add wrap with copper. yay

also come with a Pendant key that has also citrine and wrapped in copper so you can wear it for more power yay!! and connect to your wand when you don't have it with you

When you order your wand, I will tell you what you need to do to activate it , name it, and connect with it. In there group there is a live video you can watch and follow.

You will get a PDF with Instruction on how to use it and about wands

You will get a PDF on how to cast a circle

You will get a PDF on how to use a pendulum

You will get an MP3 with Shamanic drums music by me

Now this is a very powerful crystal wand.

Plus you get to be part of a close group in FB were only Wand owners and crystal ball,crystal pyramid sound and Magical beings are, so you can connect with like minded being. yay!!! exited.

you need to pick a wand


Magic wands do not cast spells. Spells come from the caster, not the wand.

practitioners use several magical tools including wands for the channeling of energy


To Focus Energy

To Empower The User To Do Magic

To Direct Energy healing in a client and amplifying your energy

* this wands are hand made, each is different.

* the free shipping is for USA and Canada, if you are from another country there is different shipping rates.