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The Cupid Cards are an Oracle deck consisting of 36 cards divided into 3 sections of 12 cards: Amethyst, Ruby, and Turquoise. Unlike most decks, the artwork is designed to be face up all of the time, while the backs are only seen after the individual cards have been chosen.

The Amethyst deck is comprised of personalities, such as The Storyteller, The Worker, The Jeweler, etc. The Ruby deck features actions like Creates, Communicates, Worries About, etc. And, the Turquoise deck pinpoints personality nouns like Truth, Self-Esteem, or Isolation, and so on. It is clever how the titles of the cards make a sentence when read from left to right: The Storyteller Communicates Truth, as an example. Right from the beginning you have a basic answer to your question. The included book contains detailed information about the cards as well as how the reading relates to your life or situation.
I purchased my deck specifically for the lovely artwork by Amy Zerner. However, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the readings from this Oracle are serious, not fluffy, and can help delve into the psyche to find out why we resist love, the very thing we crave. While this deck was designed to help concentrate on finding true love, it has a lot of valuable information for living each and every day to the fullest.


: 1996Publication Year

Author: Amy Zerner, Monte FerberLove & Romance