Deliverance! Hoodoo Spells of Uncrossing, Healing, and Protection

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👉Amazing book! I really loved it! Very structural and informative book. I liked the short herbs and curios referenses for every topic, it really helps. It's not just spells for uncrossing, but very useful instruction to clean and improve the different life levels - love, job, health etc. Sometimes we have blocks, it's not always a black magic problems. You can use the spells ans tricks from this book to break such blocks and to achieve your goals. Highly recomended book for all, not just for hoodoo practioners. Thanks Khi! Hope to see your new books.

👉It contains many Hoodoo spells for uncrossing, healing, and protection. The author delivers the material with a sense of compassion and caring that is in short supply in today's world. Truly one of the best books on Hoodoo in the market place today.

👉Practical and packed with useful information and techniques. If you don't want a whole lot of theory but enough so that you know what you're doing, this is the book for you.

👉The author is a true expert in this field. The book is full of very helpful information. This is a book for an intelligent person who really wants to understand this subject. It is complete and extremely helpful.

👉This book is amazing and so easy to understand. I'm really about diy and this book give you simple and easy ways to "deliver" yourself from the energies that burden your daily life without breaking the bank. Even giving herbs associations to make your own blends.

👉Great book to deliver yourself from evil curses, hexes and evildoers. It teaches you how to protect yourself and cleanse yourself

👉Very good book good old hoodoo, very informative and the instructions and recipes are easy to understand for the novice, this is a book everyone must have in their hoodoo library i highly recommend it.

👉Its a decent book to help a beginner have an understanding. This is a great foundation to build off of but at the end of the day you have to do what feels right and set the intent and energies in everything you do. This book helps you find a good place to start and build from.

👉This is a great little book! Dr. Armand writes from personal experience with a willingness to offer up solutions for a great variety of unlucky, ‘crossed’ and ‘jinxed’ conditions all mediated by a serene attention to spiritual hygiene and the importance of keeping the spirit high in order to attract good fortune and favourable opportunities to our lives. In the arsenal of workings he shares we find hints and tips from his teachers as well as remedies he himself found useful making this book truly a spiritual first aid kit. Not only this, this book is also a very nice introduction to hoodoo, what it is, where it came from and how it is worked. Highly recommended.

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