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The images seen with a crystal ball aren’t the foretelling of future events, but rather images from deep within one’s subconscious mind, and the crystal ball is the door through which these subconscious thoughts can be accessed. When using a crystal ball, a trance-like state is induced that dissociates one’s consciousness, enabling information from the subconscious to pass through the mind’s eye. It is here the images are seen, not in the crystal itself.

Rare clear Asian Quartz Crystal

Size 8cm


When you get your ball, wash it using a soft cloth, water, and mild soap. This will not only make your ball clean physically, but also help cleanse the ball’s energies as well.

To completely cleanse your ball of any previous and/or negative energy, it is best to smudge it as well. To smudge, simply light a sage smudge stick and pass the ball through the smoke several times

Handling and Storage:

A crystal ball is very personal. You shouldn’t let anyone else touch it as their energies and subconscious thoughts will pass onto it and “contaminate” your ball, causing inaccurate readings. The ball may also lose its charge, or your personal influences with it may become weakened and/or corrupted.

When not in use, you should wrap your ball in dark cloth and keep it in a light-proof box in a place where it will not be touched by others.


To charge your ball, place it in the light of a full moon (when the light is strongest) for several nights. This will also make it easy to remember when to recharge it.

Do NOT place your ball in direct sunlight. This will weaken the ball’s magnetism and may render it unable to draw images. This is why it should be stored in a box, away from light.

Using Your Crystal Ball:

You will get a PDF with Instruction